General Travel Tips

General Travel Tips

1. Take the time to plan.

Taking the time to plan your trip in advance will ensure a more enjoyable and productive day. If you do not have a game plan for when you arrive at a sight-seeing trip, take a few minutes to map out the day and actually look at a map to get an idea of how much ground there is to cover. You do not want to miss the main sights that you traveled so far to see!

2. Check the weather.

By checking the weather you will dress appropriately and will not be the member of your party who is making everyone miserable because of his/her poor wardrobe decision. Even if you know that it is going to be hot and humid out, bring a hoodie or a long-sleeved shirt. If you are indoors during portions of the day, you may get a little chilled (most historical sites are kept cooled) to preserve the buildings. Also, do yourself and everyone else in your party a favor by sacrificing fashion over comfort. You will thank yourself a thousand times over.

3. If you are traveling via car, make sure to have a full tank of gas.

It will eliminate any anxiety if you make a few wrong turns or get stuck in traffic along the way.

4. Smile, smile, smile.

You’re on a mini-vacation! Unfortunately, life is not perfect and neither are the vacations that we plan so far in advance. Make the best of a bad situation. You’ll definitely chuckle about it in the future.

5. The night before your trip, make sure that your cell phones and camera batteries are charged.

Upload and delete any old photos on your camera to make space on your memory card. You do not want to discover that your memory card is filled when you are attempting to take an action shot. Save yourself the frustration and aggravation and charge, charge, charge.

6. Bring along the necessary navigation tools.

We always will review our route before our departure. GPS seems to be the popular choice nowadays, but maps are very handy as well.