Cape May for a Day (Cape May, NJ)


April 7, 2012


On Easter weekend, we got our act together and decided to take a few days off from work to see some sites that are a hop, skip, and jump away from our hometown. We had big plans to head out west, but didn’t want to pay the hefty Easter fare, so we opted to stay closer to home. We set our hearts on Cape May….and I sang “On the Way to Cape May” all the way up until we boarded the ferry. It was a beautiful, but very windy day. We had both been to Cape May before, but it was many moons ago as kids. The ferry ride from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May was probably the best part of the whole trip. We loved watching the Gannet birds following the ferry and diving down to eat up the fish that the ferry was churning up. It was an incredible site to see and completely entertaining…it kept our minds off of the blustery and chilly winds. We also caught a glimpse of a school of dolphins cashing in on the free food courtesy of the ferry. Animals and humans alike were taking advantage of the day as the kite surfers were out in full force too!

Midway through the ferry ride, we realized that the ferry shuttle bus not in operation since it was the off-season. Shoot, now what? After we got off of the ferry, we spoke to the lady at the info desk and she recommended a cab company to us. The ferry is a few miles away from Cape May, so walking would seriously eat into your day and that wouldn’t be any fun. So, we called for a cab and we were on our way. The cab dropped us off at Washington Street Mall and off we went to explore. We walked along the Washington Street Mall and checked out the little shops and then headed down the side streets to check out the Victorian homes and then we ended up to the Promenade but it was so windy that I almost blew away. So, we headed back inland, where we got ice cream and window-shopped. Dave entered a raffle for a brand new Mercedes….he eyed up the kiosk for a good 5 minutes before purchasing his tickets. He’s so sure that he won but we won’t know until October…so we’ll see!

Sadly, we never made it to the lighthouse and wildlife refuge. Had the weather been a little tamer and had we had more time, we probably would have rented bikes to get there. Oh well, can’t do it all and there’s always next time of course.

On the ferry ride back to Lewes, we sat in the front cabin and basked in the sunlight exhausted from the busy day. We met Dave’s Dad and Melinda in Millsboro, Delaware at Abbott’s Grill. We both got the Bison Burger…Dave is always copying my menu selections. The meal was great. If you like quality food that’s fresh and local, go here. After dinner, we headed back to Rehoboth, Delaware and retired early as we had to rest up for our next day trip.



  • IPhone4S
  • 1 North Face backpack
  • Layered clothing
  • Sneakers
  • Clif Bars
  • Panasonic FZ8
  • Hats >
  • Sunglasses
  • Moolah
    • [/listcheck]


      Ferry ride=$36.00
      Ice Cream=~$4.50 + tax
      Magnet=$3.95 + tax
      Taxi=$34.00 (including tip)

      GRAND TOTAL: $79.00