Cherry Blossoms 2012 in Washington DC


March 21, 2012




Spring has sprung indeed in the Washington, DC area! Since it was the Cherry Blossom’s 100th anniversary and since the weather was unseasonably spectacular….and since my commute was tolerable, we raced down on bicycles via the Mount Vernon Trail to take in all of the trees full-blooming splendor. We’ve seen the Cherry Blossom’s before, but not in full bloom. You can recap our first experience back in 2007 here. Yes, we know…..back then we were total amateurs. Then we went again two years ago to see the blooms with my family, but they weren’t all the way bloomed either, so this time….we were ready, equipped, and prepared to complete our mission successfully. We followed the Cherry Blossom webcam and reports to find “the best and finest time” to visit these delicate candy-like beauties. And we nailed it this time! We locked our bikes up at the Jefferson Memorial and followed the whole Tidal Basin in a counter-clockwise fashion. Not sure if the other way would have been better because the place was JP. But, we survived the crowds. We got to see the sun set behind the Martin Luther King Memorial…not together unfortunately as I literally “ran off into the sunset” to try to catch photos of that fiery orange bowl just before it dipped below the trees. Dave caught up shortly thereafter…funny that his pictures turned out better than mine! We walked through the Roosevelt Memorial. I think what we remembered most about the day was how happy everyone was. Everyone seemed to be living in the moment. Lots of people met after work and had their telescopic SLR cameras (wishwehadanslrcameratoo…maybe soon), people were picnicking, painting, reflecting, enjoying, and loving everything about the day.

So after the sun set, we were about 3/4 of the way around the Tidal Basin. The sky turned into a purple haze and the yellow lights from the city made it a photographer’s dream shot we’re sure. After returning back to our bikes, Dave realized that the battery to the front of his bicycle was dead. Whomp, whomp. And I didn’t have any bike lights…double whomp. So that meant that we got to ride all the way home in the dark which meant that we were super embarrassed because we know that if the tables were turned, we’d have classified us as “those people.” So, I improvised to let fellow bikers/runners know of our presence…….I simply yelled “ring ring” to pretend that I had a bell. People probably thought I was crazy….but hey, you do what you gotta do. The important thing is that we got home safely.

It was a great evening and a wonderful way to break up the busy work week. We are certainly grateful to live right down the road from such a beautiful metropolis.



  • IPhone 4s
  • 1 Camelbak
  • Bike Lock
  • Helmets
  • Athletic clothing
  • Sneakers
  • Light jackets/long-sleeved tees
  • Panisonic DMC-FZ8



We need bike lights that work and bells from Amazon ASAP.

Show me the dough

GRAND TOTAL: $0.00..yes, you read that right.