Buzzard Hill (Bluemont, VA)


About the Trip

It’s hard to believe that we hiked this trail 2 years ago, March 20, 2010. What do we remember about this hike? Well, it was a very hilly hike loaded with lots of steep inclines and declines making it an excellent workout. You can check out all of the hike details on Hiking Upward, our go-to site for our hiking adventures. We still laugh to ourselves because as we were hiking, we were wondering where the first overlook was…..and we didn’t realize until we were returning back to home base that we had passed it entirely. We have no idea how we missed it. It was looking us right in the face! I think what got us a little disoriented was that we couldn’t park at Bears Den…it was under construction due to a recent storm. So, we ended up parking along State Route 601 and hopping onto the trail a little bit further along from the “real starting point.” What we really liked about the trail was that it connected to the Appalachian Trail. Any chance to hike on the AT trail makes us giddy with excitement as it is one of our lifetime quests to thru-hike the entire trail from start to finish. The hike is adjacent to Raven Rocks, which was one of our very first local hikes. Details of that adventure can be found here. One of the highlights of the hike is that it’s located only about an hour away from DC.

Have you guys done any hiking recently? If so, where? Give us the scoop!



  • Canon Powershot SD1000
  • Two Camelbaks
  • Athletic clothing
  • Sneakers
  • PBJs
  • Trail Mix
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats


Show me the dough

Fuel Cost=~$10.00