Boston, Massachusetts



February 11th-13th, 2011


High 30s….Windy….and FREEZING! (Don’t mind my ridiculous garb)


Our very good friend Jeremie lives in Boston. Dave and his friends from college went to visit him the year before and I had never been and really wanted to visit. So we coordinated our schedules and were able to get a great flight deal and so off we went for a brief weekend getaway. After touching down, Jeremie picked us up at the airport. On our first night, we just relaxed and caught up on each others’ lives. We ordered pizza and drank some vino before retiring for the evening. The next morning, we ate a delicious and hearty breakfast at the house before venturing out to walk……The Freedom Trail!!! The weather was freezing cold and the wind was fierce, but hey, you can’t let the weather stop you from having fun! We parked outside of the Boston Common, the starting point for the trail. We pretty much hit all of the major sites on this trail…except for a few. From the Boston Common, we visited the following:

  • The State House (the building with the gold dome)
  • Park Street Church
  • Granary Burying Ground (Here lies Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Sam Adams; it was covered in snow, so we couldn’t walk through the cemetery)
  • King’s Chapel (*Note—we quickly learned on this tour that to see the extra and interesting stuff, you have to cough up the cash. Example, we really wanted to see the crypt and bell tower, but it was $8.00 each.)
  • King’s Chapel Burying Ground (Covered in snow…unable to walk through)
  • Boston Latin School and Old Corner Book Store (somehow we missed these, but we did see the Old City Hall building!
  • The Old South Meeting House (which is where there was heavy discussion as to what to do with the hundreds of barrels of tea!)
  • Old State House (the Boston Massacre occurred right outside of this building)
    Faneuil Hall
  • Paul Revere House (our favorite!) It was such a small and humble house. Hard to believe that he had 16 children! He left that very house to make his legendary ride to Lexington to warn the colonists that the British were coming.
  • Old North Church-Before riding to Lexington, Paul Revere stopped here to notify the church how many lanterns to hang in the steeple; they hung 2 to indicate that the British were arriving from the sea.
  • Copp’s Hill-a burying ground that we could not tour due to snow.
  • Bunker Hill-The British won this battle, but not by much. It gave the colonists hope that they could succeed. The monument was closed because there was ice on the steps!!! What a disappointment!!! So, we went across the street to the Bunker Hill Museum instead.
  • USS Constitution-We ran out of time. Jeremie volunteers his time to a local basketball team and they had a game that afternoon and we all went to that instead. Oh well…there’s always next time.
  • At one point during the day we stopped at Mike’s Pastry. I ordered a chocolate cupcake. Why I didn’t order the Boston Cream Pie, I couldn’t tell you. Why no one else asked me why I didn’t order the Boston Cream Pie…again, I just couldn’t tell you. Although the word is that the “Ricotta Pie” is one of the desserts that they are most famous for.

    We also walked through the local market. Funny story: There was this guy who kept going to every vendor and was haggling and lying and saying that the other vendors were offering their produce for cheaper in hopes of getting a bargain. The vendors totally knew what he was doing and well..let’s just say that they collectively called him out on it and there’s was lots of jeering and profanities that were exchanged between both parties. We got a kick out of it.

    After arriving home, we got ready and went out to dinner and then though exhausted, we headed out to a local bar. The next morning, we had a lovely brunch before heading back to the airport.


    • Canon Powershot SD1000
    • 1 bottle of H2O
    • 2 Cliff Bars
    • Sunglasses
    • Warm clothing
    • Cash
    • Sneakers



    Paul Revere’s House hands down. It’s just so much better to learn about history in the place where the events actually occurred. Reading about it in a book just doesn’t bring it to life.


    We’d get the Boston Cream Pie! And see the USS Constitution. Had we traveled to the city at any time besides winter, it would have been fun to take the Duck Boat or Swan Boat Tour. And tour Fenway Park too! We made the best of it despite the weather and the short amount of time that we had.


    Plane tickets: ~$220.00
    1 magnet= ~$3.14
    Paul Revere Tour=$3.50 X 2= $7.00
    Mike’s Pastry cupcake and cookie= ~7.00
    Dinner and drinks not included!

    GRAND TOTAL: $237.14