Sugarloaf Mountains

Sugarloaf Mountain, Dickerson, MD

[confirmation]Experience level: 2/5 [/confirmation]

About the Trip

What can we say? The weather was phenomenal and we wanted to spend the day outside. Fall is our favorite time for hiking and since we did not want to venture too far away from home, we decided on hiking Sugarloaf. We parked and our trail path was as follows: “Blue and White” trail to “Blue” trail to “Red’ trail (to the summit) to “Blue” trail to the parking lot. The hike was approximately 5.5 miles long. This area is home to the timber rattlesnake and the copperhead so for the first half of the trip, we had our eyes peeled for these creatures. The fear eventually wore off. It doesn’t even surprise us that we didn’t even catch a glimpse of a snake because we are a natural wildlife repellent!  We see more wildlife outside our home than we do when we day trip.  Stinkbugs and gnats are all that we saw on this trip.
[warning]Be on the lookout for swarms of 2-legged creatures! :)[/warning]



  • Canon Powershot SD1000
  • Two Camelbaks
  • Athletic clothing
  • Sneakers
  • PBJs
  • Grapes
  • Two Apples
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Visors



It was the perfect fall day—the sky was clear blue, there was a nice warm breeze and the vantage points were spectacular.


The sunset would have been amazing on top of the summit, but we arrived there way too early. We thought that it would be fun to visit the Sugarloaf Mountain Winery, which resides at the bottom of the mountain, but after hiking for a few hours and having spent the day before at a winery, we nixed that idea.
[info]Be mindful that we do share the forest with some of our poisonous snake friends…errr…foes?  So watch your step![/info]

Show me the dough

Fuel cost: 86 miles round trip = $9.00