Wolf Trap National Park

Wolf Trap National Park

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About the Trip

We did not feel like making the drive to the Delaware beaches and after Dave rejected all of my weekend ideas, I left Saturday’s plans in his hands.  Well, he came up with a wonderful idea of going to Wolf Trap National Park, which is located in Vienna, VA.  In the 3 years that we have lived here, we had never been before.  Shame on us!  It just so happened that Mamma Mia was playing too!  We went to the 2:00 pm matinee show and bought our tickets right at the box office.  We scored awesome seats, front center orchestra row O.  Not bad for last minute!  We arrived to the park approximately one hour before the show, so we had some downtime to hang out and do some exploring (although there wasn’t much to explore initially because we were confined to our little holding area.)

We loved when they rang the cowbells to alert us that it was time to take our seats.  It was quite reminiscent of herding cows back to the ranch for feeding time.  The show was spectacular.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Sorry, but we obviously could not take any pictures of the show.

After the show, we walked down onto the trails that lead to the other outdoor theatres.   We wanted to kill some time and wait for all of the parking lots to clear out.  While walking on one of the trails, we came across some fallen trees and in trying to maneuver our way around them, we started seeing a lot of deer poo.  I started worrying about deer ticks and then Dave told me to look up and there standing before us was the most beautiful doe ever.  I know that we see deer from far away or on the side of the road, but seeing one up close is an entirely different experience.  They are the most peaceful creatures ever.  She let me get some pictures of her.  It was so hard though because she kept moving around, I didn’t have a good camera, and it was dark in the woods.  I started following her a little ways and she led me right to her two babies.  I crouched down and watched them gallivant about….it was an amazing sight to see.  Dave missed the whole thing!  He was standing on the trail waiting for me to come back.  Upon my return, we went back out to the main path and followed it around to the other side of the trail in hopes that we would run into the deer again….and we did.  Dave also spotted a fox from afar as well.  The pictures are kind of blurry since we were so far away, but it’ll give you a gist of what we saw.

[info]Don’t be afraid to explore the neighboring surroundings![/info]


A thermos of water, Cannon SD 1000, snacks, and our wallets.


Running into the family of deer and the lone fox, watching an amazing show, and visiting this wonderful park that is only 20 minutes away from our house.


Aisle P is probably the best row to sit in.  There is a lot of leg room and it’s the first row that is elevated so you don’t have to worry about any obstructions AKA very tall people sitting in front of you.  We got to see how people set up shop on the lawn, so should we ever buy lawn seats for a show, we’ll know what to bring.

Show me the dough

2 tickets for matinee show=$55.00

GRAND TOTAL: $110.00