Slaughter Beach

Slaughter Beach, Delaware

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About the Trip

Our original plan was to travel to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware which is where my parents have a place…..but after hitting a 4-mile backup on the Bay Bridge and hitting delays on Route 1 in Delaware, we quickly recalculated our plans and decided to head to Slaughter Beach, which is where Dave’s dad has a place.  Slaughter Beach is a remote town that is famous for its horseshoe crabs and bird watching.  Usually, we head down to Slaughter Beach in the evenings to watch the sunset and eat a great dinner, but today we turned our visit into a day trip.

We arrived at around 10:30 am.  I drank some coffee and wanted to relax for a little bit.  While Dave, his dad, and his dad’s girlfriend Melinda, went on a long walk towards the south end of Slaughter Beach, towards Prime Hook beach, I picked up my camera and went for my own walk down towards the north side of Slaughter Beach.  I spent the better half of my morning strolling along the beach flipping over the overturned horseshoe crabs and saving them from getting baked by the hot sun.  NOTE: If you choose to engage in the humanitarian effort to “save the horseshoe crabs,” be aware that although horseshoe crabs have a hard exterior shell, their tails are quite sensitive.  If you want to pick up a horseshoe crab you have to flip it over or pick it up from its side.  If their tail is injured, they cannot dig into the sand and navigate in the water.

Upon my return from the beach walk, I became highly engrossed in a crossword puzzle, and after the crew returned from their walk, we ate lunch and headed down to the beach.  Though the weather was quite warm, it turned out to be a beautiful day.  The breeze quickly changed its course and started to come off of the water and the mixture of the hot heat and cool breeze was delightful.  We watched as the neighbors launched their sailboats and kayaks into the water and chuckled to ourselves when their boats came to a immediate halt once the breeze switched directions.  Later in the afternoon, Melinda and I settled into our beach chairs and delved into our recent novels of choice, while Dave and his dad walked along the beach.

At around dinner time, we packed up our beach gear, and headed back to the house, which is approximately 150 feet away.  Before dinner we feasted on a delicious cream cheese Mexican dip that Melinda had prepared and dinner was delicious (as always).  On the menu today was grilled shrimp with peppers and onions, potato salad, and grilled corn on the cob.  After dinner, we sat out on the deck, walked along the beach, watched the sunset, and gazed through the spotting scope on the deck to look at the ships that were sailing in to the port.

[warning]Bring a flyswatter….land breezes often bring giant horseshoe flies….and they bite right through your clothes!  Ouch![/warning]


Ourselves, a camera, and our bathing suits.  Everything else was provided. :)


Our morning walks, soaking in the rays on the beach, and enjoying a wonderful meal with some of our favorite people.


Next time, I am going to walk down towards the south side of Slaughter Beach.  Dave and the family drove down to the south side of Slaughter Beach and parked the car in a parking lot that provided public access to the beach.  Though the beach is public, it is for the most part remote and untouched.  Dave enjoyed scouring the beach for sea glass, which is one of Melinda’s favorite pastimes that we have grown to enjoy as well.

Show me the dough

Round trip fuel cost at 30 mpg= $22.00