Billy Goat Trail Section A (Potomac, Maryland)

[confirmation]Experience level: 2/5 | Get ready to rock scramble![/confirmation]


It was the dead of winter and we were tired of sitting indoors and looking at each other, haha, so we needed to get outside for a little bit.  We did some research to see what hikes were close by, and found this awesome trail.  We hiked the Billy Goat Trail Section A which is located in Great Falls National Park on the Maryland side.  We parked right next to the Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center.

The blue blazes guided us through this 1.7 mile zig-zagging trail that runs adjacent to the Potomac River. We only wish that we had hooves and a bun protector as we slid, gripped, climbed, and leaped over the huge boulders. From afar, the vertical incline that we came across looked daunting, but getting to scale the giant rock was exhilarating. The views of the transparent turquoise water and the white craggy mountain background were spectacular. This trail was so much fun that when we finished, we were bleating to do it all over again!  (hehe.)  After we finished the trail, which lead us back to the towpath, we walked an additional 1.7 miles back to the parking lot.

[warning]Don’t forget your hooves…wear shoes that have good traction![/warning]


CanonSD Powershot 1000, CamelBak, Cliff Bars, warm layers, hiking boots, sneakers, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, and a wool hat, and a fleece headband.


Our favorite part of the trail was scrambling over the huge boulders.  We loved sitting at the edge of the cliff and watching the kayakers come racing down through the Gorge.  Unbeknownst to us, we came upon a cliff face on the trail that we got to scale.  The cliff face was icy and we had to get a little creative climbing it, but it was so much fun.  The trail was pretty muddy from all of the melted snow.


People, kayakers, ducks, and beautiful scenery.  After we went on our hike we walked along the towpath and then walked down to view the amazing Falls.


We went on the hike late in the afternoon and as we were finishing our walk the sun started to go down fast and it got really cold.  We probably should have started the hike a little earlier so that we could have hiked Billy Goat Trail Sections B and C.  Now we’ll know for next time!
[info]Don’t forget to check out the main attraction….The Great Falls![/info]


Fuel cost of trip: 30 miles round trip = $3.00
Park fee: $5.00