Bike Ride along the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal Towpath in Washington, DC

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About the Trip

The DC area is one of the most outdoor friendly cities in the country. With a multitude of trails and parks to choose from, finding nature within the borders of this city is actually quite easy.

Following a trail from our apartment, we ventured down to Georgetown, crossed the Key Bridge, rode our bikes through the Francis Scott Key Bridge Park, and rode over a small red bridge that took us to the starting point of the C&O towpath.  The towpath is a dirt road trail that starts in Georgetown and runs 184.5 miles to Cumberland, MD.   The towpath runs through the C&O National Historical Park, which is the narrowest national park in the country.  Here is the link to the park’s website:  On this short day trip, we rode along the towpath for a little while, then turned around and rode over to visit the newly designed Waterfront River Park to bask like lizards on the retaining wall which overlooks the Potomac River.

[warning]If you bike ride in the spring, watch out for hissing geese![/warning]


Our bikes, camera, helmets, comfy clothes and sneakers, biking gloves, and water.


The highlights of the trip included riding past the families of hissing geese, hanging out at the park and watching the boats and kayakers ride by, overlooking the views from the Key Bridge, and just enjoying each other’s company.


I need to invest in a pair of padded biking shorts, because the towpath is a bumpy ride so extra cushioning would be a big plus.

[info]Remember that you eventually have to turn around and go back so time your ride and pace yourself.[/info]

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